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5 Diving Gears You Should Invest on 2018

3 Amazing Things to Do When in Anambas

By Eve | 28/08/2018

Anambas Islands is a concealed heaven in Malaysia. Because of its remote zone, just couple of individuals think about the islands’ wonderful waterfront and marine life. Local Food Hunt Fish-based items are Anambas’ mark dishes, since the zone is encompassed via ocean. Mie Tarempa, like mie Aceh yet with angle, and luti gendang, fricasseed nibble … Read more

Getting Started with Scuba Diving

By Eve | 20/08/2018

Have you ever have longed for gliding weightlessly like a space pioneer, investigating erratic species like a field specialist, or chasing down lost things like a fortune searcher? Scuba diving can make these fantasies a reality! Despite whether your objective in diving is point watching, sea security or basically meeting unmistakable gutsy individuals, 70% of … Read more

5 Healthy Food Options for a Pre-Dive Boost

By Eve | 25/07/2018

Tired of unhealthy foods that give you temporary energy? There are a lot of healthy options out there that are also easy to pack for greater convenience during your dive mission, here are some of them: Salmon Packed with Omega-3 and protein, salmon is a great staple for a pre-dive power boost. It is also … Read more

Must-Read Before Diving Tioman

By Eve | 20/07/2018

Home to perfect white beaches, unadulterated rainforests, striking myths and legends, and ethereal dive spots, Tioman is truly a nirvana for divers and wayfarers alike. Best Time to Dive In the midst of the extensive stretches of March to May, and September to November, you can expect the best visibility (15 to 30 meters). In … Read more

Produce the Best Macro Photos in 3 Steps

By Eve | 15/07/2018

In macro photography, new apparatuses, methods, and hacks are helping photographers deliver inventive submerged photographs. If you are a yearning to be a macro photographer, these essential composition tips will enable you to take your photographs to the following level: Go closer to your subject The best macro pictures often have its subject fill the … Read more

How to Choose Diving Gears Better

By Eve | 10/07/2018

Not knowing isn’t a choice while picking your scuba diving types of gear. Your apparatuses, similar to your diving abilities, decide the general success of your dive. Here’s a guide on how to choose your diving gears: Regulator Maximum performance. It is noteworthy to comprehend the controls of your regulator and how it functions—a few … Read more

Thrilling Activities to Do in Pulau Hantu

By Eve | 10/07/2018

Scuba diving in Pulau Hantu promises an ethereal experience. Despite its forbidding name, the island is still a favorite amongst day-trippers and campers who are looking for an exciting outdoor experience. Here are some of the awesome things you can do in this isle: Camping Despite its forbidding name, Pulau Hantu is still a favorite … Read more

Best Gili Trawangan Restaurants for ‘Clean-Eaters’

By Eve | 29/06/2018

Of the three Gili Islands, the food nooks in Gili Trawangan offers the most delicious and healthy options. Gili Trawangan is a dream island for mindful-eaters, with both Indonesian and Western cuisines. Here is a list of the best hideouts for vegans and veggie lovers in Gili Trawangan. Pituq Pituq is a vegan restaurant in … Read more

Fun Things to Do in Gili Islands You Never Knew Existed

By Eve | 26/06/2018

The Gili Islands is famous for three things: diving, snorkeling, and party—but there are more things you can do in these ecstatic islands! Here are activities you can venture in. Live band and jamming Live music is played each night at Sama-Sama.  Plus, at daytime, there are jamming sessions around the island you can join … Read more

Lombok Trip: Things You Can Do After the Dive

By Eve | 20/06/2018

Maximise your trip in the quieter cousin of Bali through these super cool adventures. Here’s a list of things you can do after scuba diving! Unwind on Gili Islands Laid back, bohemian vibe and relaxing ambiance—what more can we ask for? Lombok is the ideal place if you want a taste of adventures and relaxation … Read more