Things You Can Do After Getting Your Diving License

An ocean of adventures await you as you finally get your diving certificate. But what’s really next for you? Actually, there are plenty of things to do! From volunteer works to diving all around the world. But if you ask us, here is what we recommend: expand your diving education and expertise with these SSI specialty courses so you can dive deeper, anywhere!

Enriched Air Nitrox Course

This program teaches the skills and concepts required to safely dive using enriched air mixtures of 32% or 40% oxygen.

Shark Ecology Course

Learn how nature's most feared predator is actually a beautiful animal that deserves our respect and protection.

Coral Identification Course

This program teaches the skills and concepts required to recognise and identify common families of coral species, and explains their role in the ocean's ecosystems.

Fish Identification Course

This program teaches the skills and concepts required to recognize and identify common families of Caribbean, Indo-Pacific, and Red Sea reef fish.

Sea Turtle Ecology Course

This program teaches the skills and concepts required to recognise and identify common species of sea turtles, and explains their role in the ocean's ecosystems.

Marine Ecology Course

This program provides a general understanding of the complex and exciting study of marine ecosystems.

Perfect Buoyancy Course

This program teaches you the skills and concepts required to improve your diving position, increase your buoyancy control, and minimize your breathing gas consumption rate.

Advancing your diving prowess and marine intelligence can take you places, literally. Check this out more courses!

Product Feature – Scubapro Seawing Nova Fins

Scubapro SeaWing Nova - ScubaLab 2010, 2013, 2015 Tester’s Choice Award, 2016 Reddot Design Award

“The multiple-award-winning Seawing Nova delivers the power, acceleration and manoeuvrability of a blade fin, with the kicking comfort, speed and efficiency of a spilt fin. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a fin more comfortable to wear or fun to kick.” -Scubapro. Unlike any other paddle fin hanging on the shelf, the Scubapro Seawing Nova Fin is made of modern Monoprene making this pair lightweight, more durable than ever and virtually indestructible. This makes it easier to carry while travelling and further reduces the effort needed to fin, leading to lesser air consumption! The long-lasting Monoprene material can also withstand harmful UV rays, chemical and abrasion, plus is less prone to low wear and tear.

Another unique feature about the Seawing Nova is its articulated joint that allows the fin blade to pivot and generate more thrust for the diver. It's most efficient 45-degree angle of bend and winged-shaped blade ensures you have more power and increased stability with each kick.

Scubapro's Seawing Nova marine-grade self-adjusting bungee strap is not only extremely durable, it is also comfortable for the diver with lesser friction on the heels. Large thumb hook allows effortless taking the fins on and off too. Donning and doffing the fin has never been easier! Together with its re-engineered footplate Grip Pads, provides a dependable and non-skid grip on wet surfaces (finally avoiding those embarrassing slip & slide moments). With proper care and maintenance, it can definitely last you up to a decade!

“It’s (Seawing Nova) one of the most overall efficient fins Scuba Lab has ever tested. And the beauty is you get all these turbo power and nimbleness in tight turns without any leg strain or angle stress… It racked up the highest total score in ergonomic tests and was the fastest fins on the speed course. “-ScubaLab

Stand out from the rest of the divers with a pair of magnificent Seawing Nova fins! There' s a variety of colours to choose from to match your diving gears; from Hot Pink to Neon Yellow and even Classic Black. If good is not good enough, why not try out the Scubapro Seawing Nova Gorilla instead? “A slightly stiffer blade results in increased power and control for divers who prefer more feedback in their kicks. It also allows for more effective sculling and reverse kicking, making the Gorilla an excellent choice for tech divers and dive instructors.”- Scubapro. All the amazing features and functions of Seawing Nova multiply with a tougher material gives the new Seawing Nova Gorilla. A distinct additive is added to the material and that translates to higher power, better control and longer lifespan. Be more prepared to dive in demanding conditions and improve the quality of your dives with your very own Scubapro Seawing Nova Gorilla fins!

Scubapro SeaWing Nova Gorilla - ScubaLab 2010 Tester's Choice Award, 2011 Reddot Design Award.

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