5 Healthy Food Options for a Pre-Dive Boost

Tired of unhealthy foods that give you temporary energy? There are a lot of healthy options out there that are also easy to pack for greater convenience during your dive mission, here are some of them:


Packed with Omega-3 and protein, salmon is a great staple for a pre-dive power boost. It is also loaded with vitamins for an extra energy during the dive. Make sure to buy only those that were farmed in a sustainable way.


Shrimp is another source high in omega-3. Likewise, check for seafood from sustainable farming.


Walnuts, almonds, pecans, and pine nuts are all great options! The fat and high protein in nuts are great energy boosters!

Fresh and Dried Fruits

Dates have normal sugar, high fiber, and are wealthy in magnesium, an unquestionable requirement in case you're inclined to getting leg spasms while diving. Bananas and apples are great snacks too! Filled with minerals and vitamins you need for an extra energy in the plunge!


Stay hydrated! Water enables your body to use the nitrogen you ingest on a dive and helps greatly on digestion.


Be an amazing diver today.

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