7 Rules of Scuba Diving


Taking these 7 Rules of Scuba Diving into consideration in your every diving trip will not only help you achieve a successful and safe dive. It will also make your diving purposeful and non-destructive for the ocean and the creatures living in it. Ready? Here are they:

1. Do not ditch the dive  computer.

A dive computer is now considered a mandatory gear. Not only it is an advancement in technology (dive tables are long gone, right? Tell me I’m right.), it is also a must for a safer and more enjoyable dives.

7 Rules of Scuba Diving

2. You shall always have a dive buddy.

Although solo diving is now allowed and has long been practiced especially among underwater photographers, it is best to have someone looking after your safety and vice versa.

7 Rules of Scuba Diving

3. Master perfect buoyancy.

This specialty course should never be taken for granted. Mastering perfect buoyancy is a huge factor in the overall success of your dive. Being the master of your own buoyancy allows you to have safer and exciting diving adventures.

7 Rules of Scuba Diving

4. Enriched Nitrox Specialty Course is no joke. Take it.

All the jargons in your Enriched Nitrox Specialty Course are not bluffs. Knowing the techniques on how to breathe right underwater should be number one on your list. After all, you haven’t evolved into a gilled-creature yet, have you? So for now, settle on being an expert underwater-breather by taking up this specialty course.

7 Rules of Scuba Diving

5. Never step on coral reefs.

We go back to rule number 3: Master perfect buoyancy. This one is basic once you have control over your own buoyancy. You don’t want to be stepping on the reefs. The fish have “warm-heartedly” welcomed you; do not demolish their homes with your diving fins.

7 Rules of Scuba Diving

6. Never leave tracks.

You don’t need any school to teach you this (though there are still a lot of people who are not practicing this simple etiquette). Do not leave any kind of trash behind. You are a scuba diver and above all people you are more equipped and educated on the environmental issues our oceans are experiencing. You are the oceans hero, not her destructor.

7 Rules of Scuba Diving

7. Disturbing, catching or killing any marine creatures is a MAJOR NEVER.

The marine creatures have welcomed you to their home and have not caused you harm. Return the favor by not causing them any stress. It is okay to stare at them and marvel upon their beauty, but never ever hurt, catch, or worst, kill any of them.

Being a scuba diver is not all about the excitement and the thrill. It is not just about your expensive diving equipments. It is also about being a responsible human being. Being a diver means having the heart to prevent the destruction of our oceans and having the guts to protect the creatures living in it.

7 Rules of Scuba Diving

Be an amazing diver today.

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