Starting From Home: Pulau Hantu

Singapore is known for being a home to a diversity of people but what about animals?

Contrary to popular belief, Singapore is also home to a diversity of animals ranging from land to marine and even in the skies.

Most Singaporeans would brush it off, “cockroaches and pigeons aren’t wildlife.”

Fact is, Singapore has many wildlife living amongst us in our concrete jungle. Most of them prefer to hide out and wait for night to fall before they come out for food.

More then just the land creatures like Pangolins and cute Otters, we also have marine life!

Yes, from Pulau Hantu to Sister’s Island, Pulau Ubin and even the mangrove walk in Paris Ris Park has reported to have sightings of animals we don’t see or hear about everyday.


What’s a better place then home to start of a brand new adventure, a new journey?

Most new divers that start out with us will start their journey to either Tioman or Bintan, our training grounds for Open Water Diver students.

Every year when the monsoon slowly rains down on us, most of the South East Asia diving areas like Tioman and sometimes, Bintan will be closed off for safety reasons.. BUT that doesn’t mean our adventures have to take a pause together with the seasons!

Many divers will proudly say that they had been to Maldives, Malapascua or even more exotic places to dive but yet have never experienced diving in our own waters.

Why? Because most people, divers and non divers, don’t believe that there is anything to “see” in Singapore.. But they are wrong!

Here are some photos of the marine life in Singapore waters taken by our divers!


Here are my top 5 reasons why you should dive in singapore !

1- Because it is Singapore! We should be proud that our tiny island is not only wealthy in the finance section but also in our wildlife. Shouldn’t we at least know what we have at home before we go out to explore the world?

2- Convenience! No more 6 hour bus journeys, no more last minute changing of currencies! No more over packing 5 days of clothes for a 2 day trip, no more exhausting travelling time, no more feeling dreaded or tired!

3- Visas and passports! For the non locals, there is no need to apply for visa to go to Pulau Hantu, for the forgetful locals (like myself) who had to rush last minute to renew the  passport, and when it is finally renewed, you don’t have to rush at the 11th hour to locate that important little book hidden under piles of clothes.

4- Location!  No more calling for baby sitters or asking your friends for favours to take care of your pets. With the pier just located at West Coast, we are all able to return back to our comfy beds and cuddley pets after a great day of diving.

5- Flexibility! Held on most Saturdays and Sundays, applying leave from work is not needed. You can even make it home in time for dinner! Diving on Saturday and going home on Saturday. Diving on Sunday and still returning home on Sunday! Whats more to ask for?

To sum it up, diving in Pulau Hantu is a great experience and with my top 5 reasons why you should dive there, what are you waiting for?!

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The First Step: Open Water Diver

Be an Open Water Diver & let the world be fully yours.

The Earth is 71% water. To us divers, it's almost impossible for most of us to cover the ENTIRE world in one life time...
Perhaps the very free and wealthy folks can, but to the rest of the diving community, having just 50% of the world to uncover is already a big dream.

Here are my top 5 personal reasons why I want and started diving.

It's a big step into the hobby zone but trust me, once you start you will not want to stop!

Mother Earth has so much to offer.

#01 : Friends!
I came into the diving scene with only one friend who dives. He is a long distance friend that I traveled with and we agreed to try diving together.. But unfortunately for me, he went ahead to learn first because he couldn't resist the temptation and couldn't wait. When I first took my Open Water, I didn't know anyone who dives, I was nervous and it felt like the first day of school where you didn't know anyone or anything... Trust me, that's all just in your head. I made friends almost immediately and during my Open Water course and realised that the "rare exotic friend who dives" is no longer true. There was a whole bloody boat of divers! It was so silly of me to think I'm going to be a special snowflake cause there were divers left and right everywhere I went and soon enough, I found myself surrounded by divers sharing their experiences and stories and I knew I was where I should be.

#02 : Mother Earth & Her Wanderers.

Being a travel lust, diving for the first time was so surreal. It was quiet.. creepily quiet.. I mean, other then hearing the sound of your buddy's bubbles from breathing and the instructor occasionally knocking on his air tank to get your attention, it is REALLY quiet underwater. So peaceful.. No phone calls, no social media, no nagging parents... While we swam across the reef, just a few inches below our bellies to the corals, my mind still couldn't wrap around the amazing things I've been missing out for the whole 23 years of my life. Which was insane. I've traveled to most parts of South East Asia and being Asian myself, I've never known that we were in the center of the top few best diving spots in the world.

#03 : The animal lover in me taking a big step into a even bigger picture.

When we see pictures and videos on stray animals on the internet, we always go feel that tiny heartache for the hungry little puppies or the abused Orangutan in a tiny cage. While diving, I saw first hand on the damage we do to the world on an even bigger scale. During my second dive trip, the leisure group were cleaning up the reefs and they picked up aluminium cans, fishing nets, cigarette butts, plastic wrappers and more.. One of the divers shared that during one of his previous clean up dive trips, he found a dead Nurse Shark under a fishing net trapped with all the drifted trash. It really opened my eyes to see how much I waste and affect the Earth and I am slowly making changes to my daily habits to reduce and reuse whatever I can and also to recycle.

#04 : Endless Discoveries

Imagine feeling weightless and completely free, in a world so mysterious and unknown – Standing on the edge of a boat, about to jump in, this is always the thoughts that cross my mind. Every dive is completely different. What will I see today? What are the conditions like today?  Which one of my endless adventures will I embrace today?

#05 : Mindless Adventures

In the midst of the eerie silence of the ocean, there's nothing much to think about. You will not think about what's for lunch. How much work is left to be done when you get back. Heck! You wouldn't even think about what your boyfriend or girlfriend is doing while you are out on a dive trip. Everything feels completely perfect, peaceful and all you have to do is, literally, just breath and let the ocean drift you in a way it feels like you're in a dream.

If this doesn't convince you to try out scuba diving then I do not know what will!
Take a leap of faith, a big step into a whole new world. We will be there to help you along your adventures!

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Pssst, this was my first time diving. A video I compiled during my Open Water Course~


Sharks vs Humans : Who’s the killer?


Shark Ecology Class

From the classic shark movie “Jaws” to the most recent “47 Meters Down”, sharks are often portrayed as a dangerous, human-eating monster that people fear.

However, is this scary reputation justified?

The SSI Shark Ecology course gives you a chance to uncover the beauty behind the façade of these wonderful creatures.

There are over 500 species of sharks and there are still new ones being discovered by scientists.

Sharks are intelligent and curious animals that rarely ever attack humans. If they do bite, it’s because they are curious and investigating, or they confused humans as their food source such as seals, but not aiming for predation. Death usually occurs due to exsanguination from shark bite. They are selective eaters too.

Bony humans are not their cup of tea.

Sharks are apex predators that sit at near the top of the food chain.

They play a vital role in regulating the population of species below them to maintain a healthy and balanced marine ecosystem.

Without them, there would be drastic irreversible effect on the environment and humans.

In today’s world, many sharks are being legally and illegally fished at an unsustainable rate.

This is due to the high demand for shark fins soup, a cultural delicacy that symbolises wealth.

It is estimated that an astonishing 4065 million sharks are killed annually.

Coupled with the slow reproduction and rate, many species are listed as critically endangered.

Ironically, humans are doing more harm to the species when we should be afraid of them given the fearful impression media constantly tag sharks with.

Our interns attending a shark ecology class to help them identify the different types of sharks and also to learn more about this extremely misunderstood animals.

From the way a shark is build, the different type of sharks and the different ways they operate to how they reproduce, how they hunt and feed. There was so much to learn!

Who knew that there was more than just “man-eating monsters” to sharks.

Even the anatomy of a shark was so fascinating!

Learning about the different parts of a shark, the different senses they have and use for hunting even how to tell a male shark from a female shark!

We enjoyed the class so much, taught by Instructor Arshad & Evelyn. I have a whole new appreciation for sharks now and am no longer afraid or in a sense of “flight” if I see one while diving!

If I had to give one reason to why every diver should take shark ecology or any other of the ecology classes, it is because these classes really enriches your dives.

Being able to spot the different kinds of sharks, knowing what kind of sharks they are, their habits and behaviours really tells you much more about the dive site you are at.

Just like how being able to tell the different type of soft and hard corals, the different names of fishes will really making diving and spotting marine animals so much more fun!

Learn more about sharks and just how super awesome and cool they are!

Join us at our Shark Ecology class!

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For The Love Of Phuket


For The Love Of Phuket!

Phuket is such a lovely place. It’s immense beauty on both land and water is just phenomenal which is why it is rated top 10 places to visit in the world.

As the monsoon season starts revving up the waves and the rain starts ruining my day, my withdrawal symptoms to go diving kicks in on over drive.

First things first, here’s 3 reasons why I love Phuket.

  1. Phuket is located in the Andaman sea, which is NOT affected by the regular November to March seasonal change. So while I cannot go to Indonesia, Phuket is my side chic which i can count on will never fail me ALL YEAR ROUND.
  2. It’s beauty on both land and sea is on the TOP 10 worldwide must-visit-places. The same sight of the same mountain will never fail to bore me when i kick back with a Bloody Mary in hand as I take a long sigh as if to breath out all the stress from daily life. The same ocean will always welcome me with wonderful visibility and the chances of seeing me seeing a Manta Ray or Whale shark is higher than me trying be early for work.
  3. WHY NOT? It’s is cheap, it is Amazing, IT IS PHUKET! Every year when we make our trip there, my heart doesn’t hurt, my pocket does not bleed and I still get to come back to life after 4 days without having to eat instant noodle for the whole month.


Now, Let’s talk about diving!


Divers with Advance Adventurer or have the Deep Diving speciality would be the best. Many of this sites are quite deep ranging from 13 – 40m


from 5m to 25m or more! It is usually beautiful clear waters unless the weather condition is bad.

What you may see:

You will encounter huge underwater boulders that offer a good chance to see manta rays and whale sharks. The islands towards the North offers an opportunity for a good multilevel dive along a large pinnacle where spotting larger marine life like Reef Sharks and Stingrays is common.

There are SO many dive sites to explore, Anemone Reef, King Cruiser, Shark Rock and much much  more!

From my knowledge, Phi Phi Island has closed off its reef to divers as the Thai Government is preserving that site and therefore it is not accessible to divers as of now.

The Amazing Itinerary

(subjected to changes)

Day 1
Arrival at Phuket Airport
Transfer to accommodation (Lemonade Phuket and equivalent) 1400 Check in

– Free & easy

Day 2
– Breakfast at resort
0730 Transfer to Chalong Pier
– Up to 3 Adventure dives per day  – Lunch provided

Day 3
– Breakfast at resort
0730 Transfer to Chalong Pier
– Up to 3 Adventure dives per day – Lunch provided

Day 4
– Breakfast at resort
– Check out at noon
– Transfer to Phuket Airport – Depart Phuket

Direct flight from Singapore to Phuket via Jetstar Note: Singapore is 1 hour ahead of Bangkok
Singapore – Phuket
3K 535 Singapore (SIN) to Phuket (HKT) Depart: 1440 Arrival: 1535
Phuket – Singapore
3K 536 Phuket (HKT) to Singapore (SIN) Depart: 1615 Arrival: 1905
NOTE: Dives on day 3 end at around 4pm, please factor in 18 – 24 hours surface interval while booking flights for returning.

* Proposed flights timings are recommended so that majority of the divers can transfer to the hotel/airport as a group/minimum of 2 pax. In the event where a single transfer have to be arranged, there will be a top-up of SGD40 (Single Traveller Fee).

From only $499!

Leave the planning to us & just focus on the diving!



Jet Fins – The Holy Grail


Hello Amazing Buddies!

For the new, the old or the diver with a collection fins, if you are considering of getting Scuba Pro’s Jet Fins, think no more and just do it!
Today i’ll be telling you what is so awesome about this pair of fins!

Grabs yours today at our store.


But first, a little into history!

The Jet Fins was born in 1964 but it was only in 1970’s that Scuba Pro bought over the rights to this pair of awesome fins and almost immediately, it achieved it’s peak.

It was a success – they sold over 100,000 units in the first few years (those were big numbers back then because there were only a fraction of the divers there are today). They took the concept and proceeded to popularise the fin with the US Navy and other commercial diving operations.

Being as recreational diving has mostly evolved from commercial and Navy diving, the Jets came with it.

What makes the Jet Fin’s history so amazing is the fact that they haven’t undergone much in the way of change since their creation in the mid-sixties.

The fact that the design has not changed since the 1970’s and so many veteran divers are still holding dear to their Jets proves how well loved and awesome they really are.

Who are they were made for?

Jet Fins are surprisingly versatile. Anyone can use Jet Fins, but not everyone will have the same experiences with them. It is commonly said that Jet Fins are perfect for divers who use powerful kick strokes. Although it is heavier than the average recreational fin, the awesomeness of this pair of fins is worth the little bit of work out! They work well for most styles of finning though they are fantastic for frog kick because you kick less frequently but with more power in each stroke. It takes a little time to get use to them in the beginning but once you have mastered the techniques of the Jets, you are set and ready to propel your way through the deep blue

The fact that Jet Fins have been almost exclusively adopted by the Navy and the commercial diving sector speaks volumes about what type of diver would benefit from them – someone who needs thrust, durability, control and convenience.

If there was another good reason why the Jets are so renown other than for its power it would be its durability. They can last a life time and with proper care, you might even be able to see your children using them! Overall, these Jets are indestructible. They don’t get sun damaged, salt eroded, chlorine discoloured, travel battered, coral gouged or split. They are the strongest pieces of equipment that you will ever own. They will really last a lifetime.


The Design

So, what makes these fins such Godly items?

★ Material – Jet Fins are made by using only one single compound which is rubber, moulded in one piece and therefore unable to have “component failure” being as there are no screws, welds or connections to break as happens so often with modern fins. The Jet Fins are also flexible enough to provide excellent thrust, stiff enough to transfer all the diver’s leg energy into pushing the water backwards and robust enough to take literally any harsh conditions a diver can throw at it.

★ Vents – The vents, placed at the end of the foot pocket, allow water to pass through on the recovery stroke but force water backwards on the power stroke. This improves efficiency while maintaining the integrity of the stroke

★ Spring Straps– These are the cherries on the top of an ice cream.  Nothing fits quicker than a pair of fins with spring straps. They are secure, comfortable and ridiculously convenient! No buckles or straps to deal with! The metal spring strap is stretch and just left behind your heel and that’s all! No fuss, fins are on and off at a moment’s notice. No parts to fiddle or mess with.

★ Durable – Just as i said above, even though Jet Fins are well known for their abilities under water, the real reason they are so super famous is their unbelievable longevity. They manage to provide the same levels of performance as modern day technical fins while being massively more strong and robust. Don’t worry about sun damages, salt eroding, chlorine discolouring, travel battered, gouged by corals or splitting. They would last through a nuclear zombie apocalypse.

★ Simple – As described above as well, the Jet fins are a single rubber moulded fin. No screws, no welds, there is nothing to replace and therefore so much more simpler than almost every other fins.

★ Compact – This feature is a must for cave and wreck divers and other divers in overhead environments. The Jet Fins are broad and short which means that even the clumsiest of divers are able to avoid kicking our buddies and the ocean floor. They are great for performing some more advanced kicking strokes almost gracefully.




These Jet Fins has proven itself against the test of time, they have proved worthy to a big scope of different divers and they with its own little pros & cons, they are still loved world wide.

So what are you waiting for?

Come on down to Amazing Dive and spoil yourself with choices of colours and patterns!

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Why Do You Dive?



Being that Human are on top of the food chain and the only beings that can make a difference in the world,

I urge you to read this and perhaps, just perhaps, even if I can only tickle the mind of 1 out of 100 people who read this then I know that at least even I can make a difference.

Almost all of us will know what I am going to say in the following but what boggles my mind is the number of people who knows but are apparently not doing anything about it.

“Humans are the wrong in the world that we need to correct.”


The reason why I am writing this post is because I want to ask you, what is your reason for diving?

I have heard answers like “Because we want to see the ocean and the reefs before they are gone instead of only seeing them through the internet.”

It is a common answer and it is such a sad reply to a question that could possibly have more than a million different answers to.

I knew that to most of us it’s just “because I like to dive” or “to try out something new”

Today I hope you can take a look at my answer for why I want to dive.

Read it with an open mind, with the dying earth in sight and what we could do more to save and preserve her beauty for the future generations to come.


Small changes like using less plastic –  don’t use straws, printing double sided pages, using less electricity. All the simple things that we can change in our daily lives can impact the world, even if it is just one person. You might think that what you don’t make an impact because you are just one person but think about it like this.. I drink about 2 cups of iced tea everyday. That’s 14 straws a week and 210 pieces of straws a month. If 2 person stopped using straws, that’s 420 pieces of plastic straws in a month.. Insane right?

Now, how do you make a bigger impact?

You know that dive trip you’ve been planning with your buddies? Let’s take a look at how much it cost, I’d estimate at least $500.

After a couple of beers and $500 later, when you are back at your desk in the office and looking back on your trip, what do you think of it?

Yeah, you had fun and took the perfect Instagram-worthy photos of your silhouette.

Yeah, perhaps you even saw some turtles or really cool fishes while diving.

But at the end of all that, did you do anything meaningful or something that might create change even if it is just a minuscule amount?

What if in the future if we spend $xxx to still go diving, still get to travel BUT we add in some sort of conservation work?

Like a reef clean up? Reef restoration dive trip, etc. Many diving locations also have reef restoration events that you just might not have noticed. Not only do you still get to dive, but you get to do a part in keeping the ocean YOU are diving in clean, healthy and happy so that more divers of our future can look at the beautiful reefs YOU helped restore


Let’s plant the seeds together today so that tomorrow, we can see a better Earth.

We have a clean up trip coming up in a few days, if you have the time, please do show your support to our Earth.

Most people learn more effectively if they experience something first hand. So I beseech you to come take a look at our oceans and do your part in saving it.

Let’s all do a part in restoring and keeping her healthy.


Date: 20 – 22 October 2017

Location: Tioman, Berjaya Resort

For more details, please head on >> here <<

If you cannot make it for this trip, do keep a look out for more clean up trips.
Even if you only do it once a year, it is still an effort put in instead of none at all.