Explore the Beauty of Riau

Waters, nature and wonderful culture are only a couple of what Riau needs to give. Riau is skilled with astounding beaches and brilliant shake developments that will most likely dumbfound. This place interests with its wealthy in culture and hold celebrations consistently that features their music and move.

Soul-searching in Riau

Searching for some place to unwind and twist up? Riau is extraordinary compared to other spots to go and contemplate. Desert your distresses, be unified with nature and locate the most genuine type of the best inside yourself.

Delicious Food

Rich culture implies more extravagant in great sustenance. Taste dishes that will definitely increase your hunger. At the point when in Riau it is certain to discover world class fish eateries that offer mark dishes, as well as unite everybody in one table.

Diving in Riau

Because of the remoteness of the region, Riau is where just couple of individuals dive. However, that doesn't mean it is anything but a decent diving site. Riau is really a shrouded jewel holding up to be investigated. Its waters covertly holds awesome reefs in wealth and diverse oceanic life.


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Best Fluorescent Night Diving Destinations

For divers who think they have seen everything, fluorescent diving ­offers a ­entirely new view on the reef and its tenants. Exactly when lit up with a specific splendid light, ­critters that once looked unremarkable under white light will shimmer with ­neon-brightness and hallucinogenic brilliance.

Cozumel, Mexico

Cozumel's current-cleared reefs is home to rich coral advancement. This tropical Mexican island takes pride on its warm waters flooding with biodiversity, a basic number of which will flood with shading under the breathtaking UV light.

Dahab, Red Sea

The rich waters of the Red Sea are home to a greater number of sorts of sensitive, delicate corals than some other channel on the planet—which made it a prime locale for a fluorescent night dive amidst which the entire reef streams.

Koh Tao, Thailand

This well known dive spot got a handle on fluorescent night diving early, giving divers stores of decisions for experiencing Thailand's submerged night glimmer show up.


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Why You Should Not Eat the Parrotfish?

Sharks, stingrays, eels and even anemonefish may be more prevalent, yet you'd be unable to locate a more entrancing reef ­dweller than the parrotfish. The term ­parrotfish envelops any species in the family ­Scaridae. Known for their energetic hues, affinity for crunching coral and — offbeat creation of sand, these fish are crucial bits of a marine biological system. Here are a portion of our most loved certainties about the parrotfish

Parrotfish Behavior

Maybe the most ­fascinating ­parrotfish conduct identifies with its ­homemade robe. Some ­species of parrotfish can typify themselves in a casing of bodily fluid during the evening. Researchers trust that this air pocket may ­protect the fish from predators — for example, eels and sharks — by covering its fragrance. ­Others propose it may fill in as a ­protective instrument by giving the resting fish a ­heads-up when a predator has ­penetrated the casing.

Chewing On Corals

Two arrangements of teeth are superior to one. The parrotfish has intertwined teeth formed like a bill that enable it to rub off bits of coral and other sustenance, and inward pharyngeal teeth that pulverize the nourishment once it's in its mouth.

Teeth Harder Than Copper

The parrotfish's teeth — which helped it acquire its name — are made out of ­fluorapatite, among the ­hardest biominerals on the planet. This makes the ­parrotfish's teeth harder than ­copper, gold and silver.

How Many Species?

There are around 90 species of parrotfish, and they can be discovered all around the globe in tropical and ­subtropical seas.

Sand Producers

In the event that you adore a sandy beach, thank a parrotfish, which can transform 1 ton of ­coral into sand in a year. The fish eat green growth that develops on ­coral shake, crunching bits of coral all the while. The coral is ground and processed, bringing about fine sand ­particles as it leaves the parrotfish's body. In plain terms, the fine white sand that beach bums love to sprawl on may be parrotfish crap.


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Gift Ideas for Divers this Holiday Season!

Is it accurate to say that you are confused on gift ideas for your diver loved ones? Not certain what you can get them that is fun? When you're not a scuba diver yourself, it's difficult to comprehend what presents will be valued. Here are our suggestions!


We shouldn't utilize plastic water bottles any longer. Why not advance up your scuba diversion an indent and utilize this clever tempered steel bottle displayed after a diving tank? It's without bpa and 100% recyclable, notwithstanding being super lightweight.


A waterproof flash drive is an extraordinary method to back up photographs on a dive trip. This one is waterproof, x-beam confirmation, magnet evidence and stun verification, in addition to it accompanies a 5-year guarantee just on the off chance that your companion figures out how to decimate it in spite of the majority of that!


There are huge amounts of sea themed corkscrews out there; this one is tasteful and pragmatic in the meantime. The "Pounded Head" by Umbra is a double corkscrew and container opener in the state of a hammerhead shark. Great quality-value proportion.


This fun lunch sack is enlivened with the scuba variant of the great advancement outline. Simple to convey on account of the lashes, the sack serves as a little tote pack or kids' rucksack.


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The Truth About Taking Advanced Diving Course

Investigate new regions and release the adventurer in you! Here are more reasons why you should take this course at the earliest opportunity:

Experience five unique dives

In the event that you have chosen to make diving your game and not only an interest, at that point you should not dawdle and take this program. There is something else entirely to investigate where it counts the sea! The Advanced Adventurer Course will allow you to experiment with five distinctive claim to fame projects, and which of them to center around.

Advance your diving abilities

With five claim to fame dives to understanding, your diving mastery will without a doubt be sharpened through this program. Advanced adventurer likewise overhauls your breathing and diving systems so you can dive with solace at any profundity.

Gain more diving wisdom

Advance adventurer program will give you an unmistakable understanding and enough experience on claim to fame courses like Boat Diving, Deep Diving, Night/Limited Visibility, Perfect Buoyancy, and Wreck Diving. These diving knowledge will enable you to choose what diving way of life you need to seek after. Would you like to be a recreational diver? An expert divemaster later on? This program will open up more open doors for you.


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Essential Guide to Tioman Island

Like different islands that require some push to achieve, Pulau Tioman rewards guests with that tropical island feel.

When to Visit Tioman Island?

The late spring months are best to visit Tioman Island—particularly June, July, and August. As is typically the situation, dry season is additionally the busiest season. Pick a "bear" month for good climate and less voyagers. May is a decent decision. The rainiest months on Pulau Tioman are November, December, and January.

Activities in Tioman

The essential draw of Tioman Island is the remote feel and submerged life. For non-divers, swimming and kayak rentals are fun options. For individuals who lean toward life over the waves, Pulau Tioman isn't really rich with exercises. It's progressively a place to appreciate a book with a soundtrack of the ocean and flying creatures. You'll meet explorers from everywhere throughout the world who come to appreciate the equivalent.

There are various wilderness trekking openings around Pulau Tioman. Trails regularly pursue the ways cut for electrical cables; getting lost is almost inconceivable, yet brought down trees and soak sloppy scrambles transform even a concise stroll into a perspiration a-thon. One famous trek is the stroll from ABC to Monkey Beach.

Things You Should Know:

The main ATM on Tioman Island is in Tekek, the fundamental town. You ought to convey enough cash to last your entire excursion in the event that the ATM is encountering issues.

Average Wi-Fi can be hard to discover at bistros and eateries on the island. Guarantee your resort has Wi-Fi if remaining associated is essential to you. Most occupants depend on neighborhood SIM cards for access. Get one for shoddy if your cell phone is GSM good and opened.

Monkeys and extensive screen reptiles are pulled in to foods grown from the ground. They're amusing to watch, yet be careful about departing scraps or anything consumable close to your place.


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3 Things We Love About Tioman Other Than Diving

There are still extraordinary islands left in South East Asia, where tourism has not yet assumed control over the embodiment of the place, where you can interface with the nearby individuals on an entirely another level, and the nature around you is still very immaculate. Where there are no tall structures, a restricted measure of autos, or even streets. Where there are no sun seats to be leased on the beaches, there is no over-relentless person who comes up to you while you are sunbathing, endeavoring to offer you things and declining to leave until the point when you do as such, there is nobody attempting to make you go to their eatery since they require clients, where there are essentially great vibes. Tioman Island on Malaysia's east drift is one of those few heaven islands.

The Friendly Local People

When I came back to the island over a year after I cleared out, I didn't anticipate that anybody will remember me at first, on the grounds that all things considered, there are a great many voyagers going through their lives every year. Be that as it may, as I strolled not far off, I got a warm welcome from a few neighborhood individuals, some of whom I didn't know. When we touched base at the eatery where I had leased a cabin the earlier year, they gave me a rebate for returning to them. I observe the inhabitants of Tioman to be a portion of the most pleasant individuals that I've met amid my movements. They are thoughtful and supportive, without expecting anything from you. When you have been on the island for some time, you discover that you won't need to glance around for the clerk at the accommodation store—you can basically get what you need and leave the cash by the till if nobody is there.

The Cozy Resto Bars with Ocean Views and Bonfires

There are not very many eateries and bars on a major island like this, yet they compensate for it. Every one of them have ocean perspectives, and the greater part of them are spot on the beach, so you are really eating with your feet in the sand. Relatively every eatery offers a Malaysian style BBQ of new fish, chicken or meat for supper. There are different choices for Western food accessible at most eateries, and you can even discover wood-let go pizza at Sunset Corner. As the night goes on, some skilled nearby performers, for the most part, begin to sing and play. It isn't strange when somebody illuminates a campfire on the sand and everybody accumulates around it. Individuals are moving and drinking and visiting the night away. Local people and voyagers—everybody appears to know each other on the island.

The Wild Jungle Treks

Tioman Island has an extremely thick and wild-developed jungle, however, there are as yet two or three treks which will bring you to exceptionally wonderful spots, beaches, and cascades. The treks themselves are extremely charming, and the scents and the hints of the jungle made me feel like I was in the wildest place that I have ever been. All of a sudden, my companions and I began to sing the Disney exemplary The Lion Sleeps Tonight, as we strolled or climbed the mountain, which can get extremely steep now and again, particularly on the trek which crosses the island. It is suggested that you wear shoes and long jeans because of snakes and different creatures en route, however, we were okay strolling shoeless.


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3 Amazing Things to Do When in Anambas

Anambas Islands is a concealed heaven in Malaysia. Because of its remote zone, just couple of individuals think about the islands' wonderful waterfront and marine life.

Local Food Hunt

Fish-based items are Anambas' mark dishes, since the zone is encompassed via ocean. Mie Tarempa, like mie Aceh yet with angle, and luti gendang, fricasseed nibble crammed with angle floss, are the two most famous ones.

Diving and Snorkeling

Being in the Coral Triangle, Anambas has obviously a diverse marine biodiversity: combines in more than 600 assortments of coral and 3000 sorts of fish. Additionally, it is an extraordinary goal to see five of the seven sorts of ocean turtles. What's more, huge amounts of marine life in Anambas will clearly keep adolescents bewildered.


Three things that make the Anambas Islands the ideal: white powder sand, unpolluted air, and wonderful perspectives. Divers can get a look at the marine life in the perfectly clear waters even from out of the water.


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Delicious Food in Malaysia Not to be Missed

Kuching, Malaysia frequently loans its own one of a kind curve to conventional Malay, Chinese, and even Indonesian food.

Sarawak Laksa

The neighborhood Sarawak laksa is a rich, fiery, nearby variety of Malaysia's omnipresent soup-noodle bowl. Kind sized prawns, crisp lime, and coriander loan a special flavor to the soup which is thicker than that found in most noodle bowls - overwhelming however tasty. The noodles are typically produced using dainty vermicelli. Read about different kinds of laksa.

Tomato Kueh Teow

Signs around Kuching promote this neighborhood noodle dish in a bunch of various spellings. Wide kueh teow noodles are mix singed with pork and vegetables in an uncommon tomato soup starting from Kuching. "Tomato mee" is a rendition of tomato kueh teow presented with thin, pan fried noodles rather wide noodles.


If you attempt just a single special, neighborhood nourishment in Kuching, make it midin. Articulated "mee deen", midin is a green wilderness plant that develops in Sarawak. Dissimilar to different greens that get delicate when cooked, midin remains crunchy giving it a pleasant surface. The thin, wavy shoots are a delectable and solid option in contrast to noodles and rice. Midin is frequently mix browned with garlic, ginger, or alternatively shrimp glue and stew.

Kolo Mee

Consisting of bubbled egg noodles, kolo mee is the most loved noodle dish of numerous local people. The stock is generally made of vinegar, pork or shelled nut oil, and is seasoned with garlic or shallots. Minced pork or hamburger is regularly included, in spite of the fact that you can ask for the dish without it. Char siew is daintily cut BBQ pork included in strips best of the noodles.

Alongside neighborhood nourishments, delectable Malaysian noodle dishes and Malaysian Indian sustenance can be found all over the place!


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Getting Started with Scuba Diving

Have you ever have longed for gliding weightlessly like a space pioneer, investigating erratic species like a field specialist, or chasing down lost things like a fortune searcher? Scuba diving can make these fantasies a reality! Despite whether your objective in diving is point watching, sea security or basically meeting unmistakable gutsy individuals, 70% of the globe winds up open to you the minute you understand how to take in submerged!

Here are fundamental strides to take to begin understanding how to scuba dive.

Physical Prerequisites for Scuba Diving

With contemporary advances in dive hardware, sedate and preparing, individuals everything considered and sizes can securely understand how to dive. By a long shot most who have a significant level of physical wellbeing and are wonderful in the water would scuba have the ability to dive.

There are, in any case, a few remedial conditions which are contraindicated for scuba diving. Make a point to examine the ability for diving/dive therapeutic review before enlisting in a scuba diving course.

Scuba Diving Course

While diving (like any entertainment) has some trademark risks, these dangers can be successfully coordinated when divers comprehend how to check and utilize their mechanical get together really and to take after safe diving rules. A wide game plan of scuba diving courses is accessible to enable divers to begin getting a charge out of the submerged world securely.

Most scuba diving focuses offer everything from "attempt dives" (where inquisitive individuals can show up and try scuba diving in a pool with no obligation) to gigantic watercourses which avow a diver until the finish of time.

The Dive Gears

Scuba diving is a hardware subordinate diversion. A diver needs a full game-plan of especially kept up, really fitting scuba change before he can begin diving. Most scuba diving courses join rental rigging in the cost of the course, so it isn't basic that a diver have a total arrangement of mechanical gathering. Truly, different divers never buy a full arrangement of contraption yet need to lease device or buy just precious things, for example, wetsuits, equalities, and cover.

Plainly, owning your dive plan has different motivations behind interest. Divers who have dive contraption can ensure its fit, breaking point, and upkeep, and they are usually more lovely and without question submerged than the general population who don't.

Essential Dive Theories

Falling into the submerged condition impacts a man in direct that he may not anticipate. A man should first see how diving will affect his body to begin diving.

Practice With an Instructor

After you have investigated dive hypothesis with an educator and secured scuba outfit, you will be able to take your first breaths submerged - yet you are not set up to ricochet off the canal boat eventually! Understanding how to dive requires the master of limits, for example, clearing water from your scuba cover and controller (your breathing device). is

A verified scuba instructor will assist you with taking in these limits, and moreover submerged correspondence and issue association.


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5 Healthy Food Options for a Pre-Dive Boost

Tired of unhealthy foods that give you temporary energy? There are a lot of healthy options out there that are also easy to pack for greater convenience during your dive mission, here are some of them:


Packed with Omega-3 and protein, salmon is a great staple for a pre-dive power boost. It is also loaded with vitamins for an extra energy during the dive. Make sure to buy only those that were farmed in a sustainable way.


Shrimp is another source high in omega-3. Likewise, check for seafood from sustainable farming.


Walnuts, almonds, pecans, and pine nuts are all great options! The fat and high protein in nuts are great energy boosters!

Fresh and Dried Fruits

Dates have normal sugar, high fiber, and are wealthy in magnesium, an unquestionable requirement in case you're inclined to getting leg spasms while diving. Bananas and apples are great snacks too! Filled with minerals and vitamins you need for an extra energy in the plunge!


Stay hydrated! Water enables your body to use the nitrogen you ingest on a dive and helps greatly on digestion.


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Must-Read Before Diving Tioman

Home to perfect white beaches, unadulterated rainforests, striking myths and legends, and ethereal dive spots, Tioman is truly a nirvana for divers and wayfarers alike.

Best Time to Dive

In the midst of the extensive stretches of March to May, and September to November, you can expect the best visibility (15 to 30 meters). In the midst of June to August, the visibility generally drops to around 8 to 12 meters anyway diving is up 'til now uncommon. You in like manner should not miss the mating time of cuttlefish on February.

Dive Sites in Tioman

Tioman dive spots are excellent—search the euphoric Labas, the boggling Renggis Island, the gorgonian-fans-bounteous Chebeh, the Bahara Rock where you can find a garden of anemone. Amazing nudibranchs and shrimps are unlimited in Tioman and furthermore turtles, barracudas, stingrays, cuttlefish, reef sharks, parrot fish, moray eels, and lionfish.

Resorts in Tioman

There are many resorts in Tioman, however we prescribe Berjaya Tioman Resort—likewise the biggest resort in the island. It is situated on a massive segment of land with expansive beachfront and rich wild surroundings at the western edge of Tekek Village. A bleeding edge four-star resort with expansive facilities including a dance floor, function halls, dive center, swimming pools and restaurants. Accommodation incorporates charming chalets and duplex structures roused by standard town outlining, roosted on stilts along the beachfront. Ideal for a stunning family excursion.


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Produce the Best Macro Photos in 3 Steps

In macro photography, new apparatuses, methods, and hacks are helping photographers deliver inventive submerged photographs. If you are a yearning to be a macro photographer, these essential composition tips will enable you to take your photographs to the following level:

Go closer to your subject

The best macro pictures often have its subject fill the frame. You should keep on moving closer to your subject until the point when it takes up the vast majority of the space in the viewfinder. With the littlest subjects, a macro wet focal point will help accomplish this.

The eye contact magic

Eye to eye connection makes a connection between the viewer and the subject. Endeavor to form the shot so the two eyes (if your subject has eyes) are in the center and coordinated toward the camera focal point. Ensure the obvious eye is taking a gander at the camera or ­connecting with an optional subject in case you're shooting from the side. Eye to eye connection additionally guarantees a look ahead composition—considerably more ­engaging than a fish-tail or ­top-down shot.

Highlight interesting features

There is no set-in-stone rule in ­positioning your subject. Picking an edge that incorporates the eyes in addition to features intriguing highlights must be the objective. Strategies, for example, seventy-five percent edge of view and the rule of thirds will situate the subject's highlights in the best parts of the edge.



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How to Choose Diving Gears Better

Not knowing isn't a choice while picking your scuba diving types of gear. Your apparatuses, similar to your diving abilities, decide the general success of your dive. Here's a guide on how to choose your diving gears:


Maximum performance. It is noteworthy to comprehend the controls of your regulator and how it functions—a few models have diver-controlled handles and changes to help procedure of conveying a high volume of air at depths, under substantial effort and at low tank weights.

Dive Computer

Easy to use interface. On the off chance that you can't without much of a stretch access the fundamental data you require amid a dive, the most costly dive watch does you no help. A dive computer is utilized for you to get details of your depth, time, decompression status and tank weight. You should pick a dive watch that can give you clear data at one glance.


Buoyancy Compensator Device

Comfort and perfect fit. Wear your exposure suit first before you fit on a BC. Search for a BC that fits impeccably yet doesn't press your body when inflated.


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Thrilling Activities to Do in Pulau Hantu

Scuba diving in Pulau Hantu promises an ethereal experience. Despite its forbidding name, the island is still a favorite amongst day-trippers and campers who are looking for an exciting outdoor experience. Here are some of the awesome things you can do in this isle:


Despite its forbidding name, Pulau Hantu is still a favorite amongst campers and day-trippers because of its unique milieu. Expect a surreal experience when camping on this island.


Pulau Hantu is also an amazing fishing grounds! The island will surprise you with its abundant fish and other marine species.


Macro Diving

Pulau Hantu scuba diving appeals to macro diving enthusiasts as there are frequent sightings of seahorses, blue dragons, flatworms, sea slugs and other macro creatures.


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