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Tenggol Island is a modest island located on the East Coast of Malaysia in Terengganu. Tenggol is less explored, relatively un-commercialised, and offers a natural experience. Expect a much quieter and idyllic experience compared to other destinations!


Dive sites

Let's jump straight to the scuba diving! Get ready to be wowed by pristine coral formations that come in a myriad of colours. The architecture of the dives sites never fail to surprise: walls, sloping reefs and swim-throughs create a unique world underwater. The sights are beyond imagination, you could encounter schools of fishes on one side and a village of anemone reef on the other. Moray eels are common too! Diving in Tenggol is visual feast; surely it'll feel like paradise.


There are about 20 amazing dive sites around the island, which are appropriate for divers of all experience levels. Don't forget to bring your camera to capture the amazing sights and precious memories.


We haven't forgotten the all-time favourite whale shark. Pulau Tenggol is a stopover along the whale shark migratory route, which happens from around August to October annually. Did you know that Tenggol has one of the highest whale shark spotting rates out of all our diving destinations? A 5D4N trip to Tenggol in August over National Day may be a diving holiday to encounter this magnificent creature!



We will stay at the Tenggol Island Beach Resort, which is very well-maintained and furnished despite the 'natural' feel of the island. Rooms are air-conditioned, complete with bathrooms and hot showers! It is definitely clean and comfortable enough for divers to feel well-rested for another day of diving.



Diving at Pulau Tenggol is a perfect getaway for city dwellers who are tired of the hectic urban lifestyle. An amazing diving trip can be a much needed break, and Tenggol's peace and quiet will rejuvenate any visitor. You can bring your own hammock, and take a nap by the beach during surface intervals.

Don't have a scuba diving certification, but want to visit Tenggol? We also offer the PADI Open Water Diver Course which goes to Bintan or Tioman Island, and that can definitely be completed before your Tenggol dive trip. You'll be hooked on scuba diving before you know it.

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