For The Love Of Phuket


For The Love Of Phuket!

Phuket is such a lovely place. It’s immense beauty on both land and water is just phenomenal which is why it is rated top 10 places to visit in the world.

As the monsoon season starts revving up the waves and the rain starts ruining my day, my withdrawal symptoms to go diving kicks in on over drive.

First things first, here’s 3 reasons why I love Phuket.

  1. Phuket is located in the Andaman sea, which is NOT affected by the regular November to March seasonal change. So while I cannot go to Indonesia, Phuket is my side chic which i can count on will never fail me ALL YEAR ROUND.
  2. It’s beauty on both land and sea is on the TOP 10 worldwide must-visit-places. The same sight of the same mountain will never fail to bore me when i kick back with a Bloody Mary in hand as I take a long sigh as if to breath out all the stress from daily life. The same ocean will always welcome me with wonderful visibility and the chances of seeing me seeing a Manta Ray or Whale shark is higher than me trying be early for work.
  3. WHY NOT? It’s is cheap, it is Amazing, IT IS PHUKET! Every year when we make our trip there, my heart doesn’t hurt, my pocket does not bleed and I still get to come back to life after 4 days without having to eat instant noodle for the whole month.


Now, Let’s talk about diving!


Divers with Advance Adventurer or have the Deep Diving speciality would be the best. Many of this sites are quite deep ranging from 13 – 40m


from 5m to 25m or more! It is usually beautiful clear waters unless the weather condition is bad.

What you may see:

You will encounter huge underwater boulders that offer a good chance to see manta rays and whale sharks. The islands towards the North offers an opportunity for a good multilevel dive along a large pinnacle where spotting larger marine life like Reef Sharks and Stingrays is common.

There are SO many dive sites to explore, Anemone Reef, King Cruiser, Shark Rock and much much  more!

From my knowledge, Phi Phi Island has closed off its reef to divers as the Thai Government is preserving that site and therefore it is not accessible to divers as of now.

The Amazing Itinerary

(subjected to changes)

Day 1
Arrival at Phuket Airport
Transfer to accommodation (Lemonade Phuket and equivalent) 1400 Check in

– Free & easy

Day 2
– Breakfast at resort
0730 Transfer to Chalong Pier
– Up to 3 Adventure dives per day  – Lunch provided

Day 3
– Breakfast at resort
0730 Transfer to Chalong Pier
– Up to 3 Adventure dives per day – Lunch provided

Day 4
– Breakfast at resort
– Check out at noon
– Transfer to Phuket Airport – Depart Phuket

Direct flight from Singapore to Phuket via Jetstar Note: Singapore is 1 hour ahead of Bangkok
Singapore – Phuket
3K 535 Singapore (SIN) to Phuket (HKT) Depart: 1440 Arrival: 1535
Phuket – Singapore
3K 536 Phuket (HKT) to Singapore (SIN) Depart: 1615 Arrival: 1905
NOTE: Dives on day 3 end at around 4pm, please factor in 18 – 24 hours surface interval while booking flights for returning.

* Proposed flights timings are recommended so that majority of the divers can transfer to the hotel/airport as a group/minimum of 2 pax. In the event where a single transfer have to be arranged, there will be a top-up of SGD40 (Single Traveller Fee).

From only $499!

Leave the planning to us & just focus on the diving!



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