Jet Fins – The Holy Grail


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For the new, the old or the diver with a collection fins, if you are considering of getting Scuba Pro’s Jet Fins, think no more and just do it!
Today i’ll be telling you what is so awesome about this pair of fins!

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But first, a little into history!

The Jet Fins was born in 1964 but it was only in 1970’s that Scuba Pro bought over the rights to this pair of awesome fins and almost immediately, it achieved it’s peak.

It was a success – they sold over 100,000 units in the first few years (those were big numbers back then because there were only a fraction of the divers there are today). They took the concept and proceeded to popularise the fin with the US Navy and other commercial diving operations.

Being as recreational diving has mostly evolved from commercial and Navy diving, the Jets came with it.

What makes the Jet Fin’s history so amazing is the fact that they haven’t undergone much in the way of change since their creation in the mid-sixties.

The fact that the design has not changed since the 1970’s and so many veteran divers are still holding dear to their Jets proves how well loved and awesome they really are.

Who are they were made for?

Jet Fins are surprisingly versatile. Anyone can use Jet Fins, but not everyone will have the same experiences with them. It is commonly said that Jet Fins are perfect for divers who use powerful kick strokes. Although it is heavier than the average recreational fin, the awesomeness of this pair of fins is worth the little bit of work out! They work well for most styles of finning though they are fantastic for frog kick because you kick less frequently but with more power in each stroke. It takes a little time to get use to them in the beginning but once you have mastered the techniques of the Jets, you are set and ready to propel your way through the deep blue

The fact that Jet Fins have been almost exclusively adopted by the Navy and the commercial diving sector speaks volumes about what type of diver would benefit from them – someone who needs thrust, durability, control and convenience.

If there was another good reason why the Jets are so renown other than for its power it would be its durability. They can last a life time and with proper care, you might even be able to see your children using them! Overall, these Jets are indestructible. They don’t get sun damaged, salt eroded, chlorine discoloured, travel battered, coral gouged or split. They are the strongest pieces of equipment that you will ever own. They will really last a lifetime.


The Design

So, what makes these fins such Godly items?

★ Material – Jet Fins are made by using only one single compound which is rubber, moulded in one piece and therefore unable to have “component failure” being as there are no screws, welds or connections to break as happens so often with modern fins. The Jet Fins are also flexible enough to provide excellent thrust, stiff enough to transfer all the diver’s leg energy into pushing the water backwards and robust enough to take literally any harsh conditions a diver can throw at it.

★ Vents – The vents, placed at the end of the foot pocket, allow water to pass through on the recovery stroke but force water backwards on the power stroke. This improves efficiency while maintaining the integrity of the stroke

★ Spring Straps– These are the cherries on the top of an ice cream.  Nothing fits quicker than a pair of fins with spring straps. They are secure, comfortable and ridiculously convenient! No buckles or straps to deal with! The metal spring strap is stretch and just left behind your heel and that’s all! No fuss, fins are on and off at a moment’s notice. No parts to fiddle or mess with.

★ Durable – Just as i said above, even though Jet Fins are well known for their abilities under water, the real reason they are so super famous is their unbelievable longevity. They manage to provide the same levels of performance as modern day technical fins while being massively more strong and robust. Don’t worry about sun damages, salt eroding, chlorine discolouring, travel battered, gouged by corals or splitting. They would last through a nuclear zombie apocalypse.

★ Simple – As described above as well, the Jet fins are a single rubber moulded fin. No screws, no welds, there is nothing to replace and therefore so much more simpler than almost every other fins.

★ Compact – This feature is a must for cave and wreck divers and other divers in overhead environments. The Jet Fins are broad and short which means that even the clumsiest of divers are able to avoid kicking our buddies and the ocean floor. They are great for performing some more advanced kicking strokes almost gracefully.




These Jet Fins has proven itself against the test of time, they have proved worthy to a big scope of different divers and they with its own little pros & cons, they are still loved world wide.

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