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Sharks vs Humans : Who’s the killer?

By AChoco | 21/11/2017

  Shark Ecology Class From the classic shark movie “Jaws” to the most recent “47 Meters Down”, sharks are often portrayed as a dangerous, human-eating monster that people fear. However, is this scary reputation justified? The SSI Shark Ecology course gives you a chance to uncover the beauty behind the façade of these wonderful creatures. … Read more

Think Twice Before Renting These 5 Diving Gears

Think Twice Before Renting These 5 Diving Gears

By | 21/11/2017

Think twice, you may be putting yourself (and your bank account) to danger by choosing to rent these five (5) diving gears: 1. Fins Diving fins that will give you powerful thrust underwater are extremely significant in the success of your dive, but another thing to consider when choosing diving fins is fit. Yes, you … Read more

8 things you should stop doing during your dives

8 things you should stop doing during your dives

By | 14/11/2017

There are a lot of fun-filled things to do compare to things that you should avoid so might as well follow this list of 8 things to stop doing during your dive to have a safe and wonderful diving experience: 1.Holding your breath underwater This is a bad habit you should stop immediately because while … Read more

3 Dive Sites in Malaysia You Should Not Miss

3 Dive Sites in Malaysia You Should Not Miss

By | 08/11/2017

Scuba diving in Malaysia should really be on top of your travel wish-list! This Asian country hides a handful of exciting dive sites that no diver should ever miss! Scuba Diving in Tioman Name any colorful underwater critter and Tioman will definitely have it! Tioman is not only a serene island in Asia. It is also … Read more


7 Rules of Scuba Diving

By | 03/11/2017

Taking these 7 Rules of Scuba Diving into consideration in your every diving trip will not only help you achieve a successful and safe dive. It will also make your diving purposeful and non-destructive for the ocean and the creatures living in it. Ready? Here are they: 1. Do not ditch the dive  computer. A … Read more

For The Love Of Phuket

By AChoco | 01/11/2017

  For The Love Of Phuket! Phuket is such a lovely place. It’s immense beauty on both land and water is just phenomenal which is why it is rated top 10 places to visit in the world. As the monsoon season starts revving up the waves and the rain starts ruining my day, my withdrawal … Read more

Are you brave enough for these diving specialty courses?

Are you brave enough for these diving specialty courses?

By Eve Engelstadt | 26/10/2017

Widen your scuba diving skills and add more thrill to your escapades through these diving specialty courses. The only the question is are you brave enough to take them? Deep Diving Specialty Course As your urge to dive the unknown deep blue sea adds up, you will need to equip yourself by going a little … Read more

Jet Fins – The Holy Grail

By AChoco | 26/10/2017

  Hello Amazing Buddies! For the new, the old or the diver with a collection fins, if you are considering of getting Scuba Pro’s Jet Fins, think no more and just do it! Today i’ll be telling you what is so awesome about this pair of fins! Grabs yours today at our store.   But … Read more

Perfect Buoyancy Diving Course, Yay or Nay?

Perfect Buoyancy Diving Course, Yay or Nay?

By Eve Engelstadt | 17/10/2017

Of course, it’s a (caps lock on for intensity) YAY! Buoyancy control might not be a new term for you as a scuba diver but it can be a new term for beginners. This skill was discussed on your first scuba diving course, the basics are easy to understand but the in-depth details can take … Read more

Why Do You Dive?

By AChoco | 14/10/2017

    Being that Human are on top of the food chain and the only beings that can make a difference in the world, I urge you to read this and perhaps, just perhaps, even if I can only tickle the mind of 1 out of 100 people who read this then I know that … Read more