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Fun Things to Do in Gili Islands You Never Knew Existed

By Eve | 26/06/2018

The Gili Islands is famous for three things: diving, snorkeling, and party—but there are more things you can do in these ecstatic islands! Here are activities you can venture in. Live band and jamming Live music is played each night at Sama-Sama.  Plus, at daytime, there are jamming sessions around the island you can join … Read more

Lombok Trip: Things You Can Do After the Dive

By Eve | 20/06/2018

Maximise your trip in the quieter cousin of Bali through these super cool adventures. Here’s a list of things you can do after scuba diving! Unwind on Gili Islands Laid back, bohemian vibe and relaxing ambiance—what more can we ask for? Lombok is the ideal place if you want a taste of adventures and relaxation … Read more

Unraveling the Unblemished Island of  Lombok

By Eve | 10/06/2018

Less popular than its neighbor Bali, Lombok is an uncrowded island located in the West Nusa Tenggara, a province in Indonesia. While consistently a large number of voyagers targeHere mass tourism is as yet obscure. From uncrowded and isolated dream beaches, delectable cuisines and awesome culture, the island of Lombok sure have it. Trekking Gunung … Read more

Top Places to a Muck Diving Getaway in Indonesia

By Eve | 26/05/2018

Overflowing with abundant marine species, Indonesia is a home to the most beautiful muck diving sites in Asia. If you are looking for an escapade into the murky waters to find the strangest sea creatures, here is where you should go: Bali, Indonesia You will discover eminent muck diving spots around Seraya, Amed and Tulamben—the … Read more

Diving with Buddies: Perfect Sites for Adventures

By Eve | 15/05/2018

Searching for exhilarating dive destinations to go through a diving escape with your friends? Fortunately, there are tons of spots in Asia that will without a doubt fulfill your dive cravings! Here are some sites you should visit! Manado and Bunaken The delightful coral reefs of Bunaken National Marine Park in North Sulawesi house an … Read more

Mysterious Underwater Sculpture for Thrill-Seekers

By Eve | 15/05/2018

Diving is already an exciting activity, but if you still want to spice it up with more thrill, you better get your gears ready and dive these mystical sites of fascinating submerged sculptures. Underwater Grotto in Bohol This grotto under the sea began as an activity to discourage cyanide fishing. Four-meter tall portrayals of the … Read more

Instructor Careers for the Dauntless Divers

By Eve | 07/05/2018

Earning money while doing the thing you love is an exciting experience. Not only you will develop your skills as a diver, you will also get the opportunity to dive more. Hit two birds with one stone through these instructor career programs from SSI: Open Water Diver Instructor The next step after attaining the Dive … Read more

Top Destinations for Wreck Diving

Top Destinations for Wreck Diving

By Eve | 30/04/2018

Looking for a extra adrenaline in your diving journey? Here goes the most exhilarating wreck dive sites from around the globe: Thistlegorm, Egyptian Red Sea Thistlegorm is Gaelic for Blue Thistle. An English vessel, it was assaulted from mid-air and soaked in 1941 while conveying a freight of battle items: rifles, engine unit bicycles, make … Read more

Top Things to Include to Your Malapascua Diving Trip

8 Things to Include to Your Malapascua Diving Trip

By Eve | 30/04/2018

Malapascua is well suited for a beach excursion. Bounty Beach is probably the finest in the country yet there are more unfrequented beaches waiting to be explored. This inflatable water is best for diving, going swimming, and snorkelling. You may likewise rent snorkeling gears or bring your own. 1. BOUNTY BEACH Includes a long extend … Read more

Why We Keep Coming Back To Malapascua

Why We Keep Coming Back To Malapascua

By Eve | 30/04/2018

Malapascua is a pretty, white-sand island off Cebu, Philippines. This island is one of those dive sites that has something for everyone: seahorses to sharks, and walls and wrecks to beautiful little islands! Here are three reasons you should dive Malapascua, too. Thresher Sharks Monad Shoal, the highest point of an undersea mountain off the … Read more