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Are you brave enough for these diving specialty courses?

Are you brave enough for these diving specialty courses?

By Eve Engelstadt | 26/10/2017

Widen your scuba diving skills and add more thrill to your escapades through these diving specialty courses. The only the question is are you brave enough to take them? Deep Diving Specialty Course As your urge to dive the unknown deep blue sea adds up, you will need to equip yourself by going a little … Read more

Jet Fins – The Holy Grail

By AChoco | 26/10/2017

  Hello Amazing Buddies! For the new, the old or the diver with a collection fins, if you are considering of getting Scuba Pro’s Jet Fins, think no more and just do it! Today i’ll be telling you what is so awesome about this pair of fins! Grabs yours today at our store.   But … Read more

Perfect Buoyancy Diving Course, Yay or Nay?

Perfect Buoyancy Diving Course, Yay or Nay?

By Eve Engelstadt | 17/10/2017

Of course, it’s a (caps lock on for intensity) YAY! Buoyancy control might not be a new term for you as a scuba diver but it can be a new term for beginners. This skill was discussed on your first scuba diving course, the basics are easy to understand but the in-depth details can take … Read more

Why Do You Dive?

By AChoco | 14/10/2017

    Being that Human are on top of the food chain and the only beings that can make a difference in the world, I urge you to read this and perhaps, just perhaps, even if I can only tickle the mind of 1 out of 100 people who read this then I know that … Read more

Product Feature – Scubapro Chromis; More Than Just A Dive Computer

By Amazing Crew | 08/10/2017

One of the essential equipment that divers need to have is the Dive Computer. A dive computer provides information to aid the user plan their dives and dive their plan. This means diving within safety limits! With that, we introduce the “sporty” dive computer – ScubaproChromis. “Topside or under water, this versatile wristwatch-style dive computer … Read more

Things You Can Do After Getting Your Diving License

By Eve Engelstadt | 19/09/2017

An ocean of adventures await you as you finally get your diving certificate. But what’s really next for you? Actually, there are plenty of things to do! From volunteer works to diving all around the world. But if you ask us, here is what we recommend: expand your diving education and expertise with these SSI … Read more

Product Feature – Scubapro Seawing Nova Fins

By Amazing Crew | 08/09/2017

Scubapro SeaWing Nova – ScubaLab 2010, 2013, 2015 Tester’s Choice Award, 2016 Reddot Design Award “The multiple-award-winning Seawing Nova delivers the power, acceleration and manoeuvrability of a blade fin, with the kicking comfort, speed and efficiency of a spilt fin. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a fin more comfortable to wear or fun to kick.” … Read more

Building Your Scuba Gear: Dive Fins (Part 1)

By Amazing Crew | 13/08/2017

Amazing Dive wants you to enjoy your dives! Own your fins today!! Quote Amazing Fins to get 10% OFF* your Scubapro Fin Purchases with us. Bring your booties if you must, or purchase one from us at 15% OFF*. Don’t miss this great deal! Offer till 31 August 2017, while stocks lasts 🙂 Stay tuned … Read more

Why Stop at Open Water ?

By Amazing Crew | 21/07/2017

  The next step after being certified as an Open Water Diver with SSI, would be to be an Advanced Adventurer.   Sleep, eat, dive and repeat – That was how I spent my weekend for the end of June. Onboard MV Nautica with Pulau Tioman set as her destination, I was ecstatic for to … Read more

Your First Scuba Gear: Dive Mask (Part 2)

By Amazing Crew | 18/05/2017

Hello again my fellow compressed air breathing friends! Previously, I’d mentioned about the importance of owning your own mask. Now, I’ll tell you the considerations of how to tell if a mask fits you. So… here goes! Scubapro Spectra 2 Mask in Clear and Pink. Fitting: After picking out a few designs that catch your … Read more