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Your First Scuba Gear: Dive Mask (Part 2)

By Amazing Crew | 18/05/2017

Hello again my fellow compressed air breathing friends! Previously, I’d mentioned about the importance of owning your own mask. Now, I’ll tell you the considerations of how to tell if a mask fits you. So… here goes! Scubapro Spectra 2 Mask in Clear and Pink. Fitting: After picking out a few designs that catch your … Read more

Your First Scuba Gear: Dive Mask (Part 1)

By Amazing Crew | 14/05/2017

Now that you’ve got your Open Water Certificate, the next step is what gear you should get. Or maybe you’re still sitting on the fence and deciding what you want to get first. With such a vast variety, how is one to decide? How are you even supposed to know what to buy? Well my … Read more

Amazing Dive at Tenggol – 30 Meters Visibility!

By Amazing Crew | 02/05/2017

About Tenggol It was my first time in Tenggol and I was kind of excited because I’ve heard so much about the exceptional dives and visibility there. The island, located just on the East Coast of Malaysia is surrounded by clear blue warm waters from South China Sea. It’s not as commercialised as its neighbours; Redang and Perhentain, and … Read more

Amazing Dive is at ADEX Singapore 2017!

By Amazing Crew | 07/04/2017

Come visit Amazing Dive at the biggest divers event – ADEX Singapore 2017! We’re bringing Scubapro to ADEX! Check out all our latest Scubapro Equipment in stock at an Amazing ADEX Only Price, while stocks last! Visit our Facebook page for more updates: P.S – Amazing Dive will be closed on 8 and 9 April 2017. … Read more

Diving Maldives – Best Liveaboard (LOB) Experience!

By Amazing Crew | 31/01/2017

Picture this:  A coppery sun skimmed the horizon, lighting up the surface of the ocean in streams of gold and bright. Feet sinking into the fine, soft sand, the welcoming vast ocean and the gentle breeze on your face bring about a unique sense of calm and tranquillity. 1 boat.  7 days. 16 dives and … Read more

Diving Malapascua, Philippines – Thresher Shark Paradise

By | 23/11/2016

Diving in Malapascua, Philippines is a mind-blowing experience. Malapascua is widely known for its Thresher Sharks & are frequented by the friendly Thresher Sharks almost every morning. Guarantees can’t be made as all divers know that other than skills you will need luck to spot underwater creature. There is technically no Thresher Shark season, the famous Thresher … Read more

Start off your diving journey with Amazing Dive!!

By Amazing Crew | 24/04/2016

PADI Open Water Diver Course Get certified to explore a whole new world with the PADI Open Water Diver Course, the #1 Scuba Diving Course in Singapore, and the World! This basic Diver Certification Program will lead you to obtaining a license that is recognised in more than 140 countries around the world, and welcome you … Read more

Become an Advanced Diver today

By Amazing Crew | 10/03/2016

  Amazing Dive is giving a $100 Voucher on equipment purchases when you sign up for the Advanced Open Water Diver course with us. This is a great opportunity for Open Water certified divers to grab their own soft gear, and also further their knowledge in scuba diving! What will you be doing? In the Advanced Open … Read more

Dive Amazing | Tenggol Island

By Amazing Crew | 03/03/2016

Introduction Tenggol Island is a modest island located on the East Coast of Malaysia in Terengganu. Tenggol is less explored, relatively un-commercialised, and offers a natural experience. Expect a much quieter and idyllic experience compared to other destinations! Dive sites Let’s jump straight to the scuba diving! Get ready to be wowed by pristine coral formations that come in a … Read more

Celebrate 50 Years of PADI

By | 24/02/2016

Celebrate 50 Years of PADI with Amazing Dive PADI – The Professional Association of Diving Instructors is the world’s leading organisation in training scuba divers of all levels. PADI is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary this year, and is offering limited edition certification cards for all PADI courses. The cards will only be issued to those who … Read more