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First Dive To Mapur Islands

By | 16/05/2014

  Hello Amazing People!! Following our trip to Redang Last Easter Holidays. I bet everyone’s looking forward to hearing more stories about our dive trips – Where we go, what we see, what we did. And we all know this year, we are going to more places, having more fun, checking out more adventure! So far… … Read more

Summer’s Heaven – Redang Island

By | 06/05/2014

Imagine lying by on the beach bench, with a book, beach hat, sun shades, cooling bubble tea right in front of white beaches and clear waters – YES! That is what Summer Holidays suppose to be. Redang Island (Or Pulau Redang) is undoubtedly the heaven for beach lovers, scuba divers, snorkeller and actually anyone who … Read more

Wetsuit – Comfort or Fashion?

By | 17/04/2014

My little sis finally wants to continue her dive education from the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver to a PADI Rescue Diver!! I’m both happy and a bit jealous, cause the rescue diving course was my favorite course, with lots of situation handling and hands on scenarios.  Learning skills that can be used in real life emergencies and gaining more understanding … Read more

Welcome to Mapur Islands! Smile and Wave 🙂

By | 31/03/2014

Get excited you underwater explorers, because this is the chance we have all been waiting for! That is a chance to explore dive sites that have rarely been seen, or have never been seen. Very soon, MV Nautica will start making trips to this adventurous location! When you have to be above the water, might … Read more

Remember The Swan Island Of Malaysia?…..

By | 21/03/2014

Remember the time when I first talked about Pulau Tenggol? And I promise that I’ll share my experience on my trip that was on 6th to 9th of March 2014? Now here’s the REAL DEAL about Pulau Tenggol!! 5 reasons why it’s it totally worth the trip to Pulau Tenggol! 1: The Environment The sight of … Read more

I am a PADI Dive Instructor! 🙂

By | 03/03/2014

Eight years since I last worked in scuba diving and I can’t be happier than I am at Asia Dive Academy(ADA) in Singapore.  Especially since the rollercoaster of the Instructor Exam is over! : ) I was most thankful to find out that this opportunity was real. On my flight over from Texas I was … Read more

The Swan’s Island in Malaysia – (By Nicholas Tan)

By | 21/02/2014

Still remember why Scuba Divers continue dive education and diving the PADI way? Meet People! Go Places! Do Things! I am pretty sure most of the divers I met has enjoy this new adventure and made lots of new friends during their dive trips – Especially after completing their Open Water Courses! 2 common topics are … Read more

Do you know Sipadan, Malaysia?

By | 16/02/2014

Name me the first phrase you have for diving in Sipadan. World class? Best? Wonderful. Oh well, thats nothing new. But HERE, We DARE DEFINE the meaning of a SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS diving experience in SIPADAN!! Yes YES! Its going to be as breathlessly fantastic & exciting as it sounds!   As an appetizer, let’s take a quick … Read more

Counter Darkness With The Revenger

By | 06/02/2014

Are you scare of the Dark? If you are, than you have yet to live life to the fullest!!! Those words above would have remind those born in the 80s about the Guinness Stout advertisement by George Lim. Today we will be talking something that is very related about Light and Darkness – Dive Torches!! … Read more

An Amazing 2013…

By | 03/02/2014

With everyone crowding around the table enjoying a pot of delicious steamboat, inevitably, it made us think. Drifting our mind back to 2013’s excitement…. A sudden outburst of excitement and enthusiasm came pouring on the dive trip made last year… Sweet memories! Looking back on what happened in 2013, lots of activities went through here … Read more