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Knowing MV Nautica – Part 2

By | 27/10/2013

With the extremely hot weather for the past few days, don’t it remind us, divers how awesome it would be to be underwater in our natural aquarium that does not support captivity? No matter what reasons you may have that is stopping you from having a dive holiday, just like me, we can only “watch … Read more

Knowing MV Nautica – Part 1

By | 24/10/2013

Hola Amazing Divers! It has been awhile! We hope everyone is still enjoying the Amazing underwater world! Have you been thinking of diving but feel that long journeys and multiple transfer is not really a thing for you? Amazing Dive is proud and happy to announce her collaboration with MV Nautica since the start of … Read more

An Amazing Brand New Journey Begins…

By | 08/06/2013

Amazing Dive’s Instructor Development Course May 2013.       Scuba diving addiction can never meet a treatment any better than getting back into water. Ever since I started blowing bubbles, scuba diving has become a monthly affair for me. Yes! Everyday is a “melt down” day on this hot sunny island. Therefore, right after … Read more

BoardWalk 2010: Who and What the Fish Are We?

By | 29/04/2010

Who are we? We are a group of like-minded SMU students who want to kick start substantial marine conservation efforts in the region. Fuelled by our passion for the underwater world, we intend to create a sustainable marine conservation project that will serve to benefit marine ecosystems in the Asian region in time to come. … Read more