Top Destinations for Wreck Diving

Looking for a extra adrenaline in your diving journey? Here goes the most exhilarating wreck dive sites from around the globe:

Thistlegorm, Egyptian Red Sea

Thistlegorm is Gaelic for Blue Thistle. An English vessel, it was assaulted from mid-air and soaked in 1941 while conveying a freight of battle items: rifles, engine unit bicycles, make carriages, trucks. The Thistlegorm is a significant wreck—131 meters long.

Top Destinations for Wreck Diving

USAT Liberty, Bali, Indonesia

The Liberty is on the dark fine sand slant, relatively parallel to the shoreline and is merely 30 m seaward. She is based on the vicinity of 9 and 30 m of normal water and is totally encrusted in spectacularly shaded anemones, gorgonians and corals. The region is 120 m long and it is quite separated which means you can't enter in it, yet you can also now take notice of the firearms, toilets, boilers, grapple string and so on. You can find some disarray based on the historical backdrop of the Liberty. Numerous individuals allude it as the Liberty Glo, financial firms an alternate dispatch which sank off of the shoreline of Holland. The issues presumably emerge as the dispatch acquired a few projects amid her life. THE UNITED STATES Navy Museums site, discloses that she was primarily the USS Liberty (1918), at that time the SS Liberty last but not least the USAT (USA Army Transfer) Liberty. On 11 January 1942 she was torpedoed by japan submarine I-166.

Top Destinations for Wreck Diving

The Yongala, Australia

Claiming the name of the greatest wreck dive site on the globe, is the Yongala. Filled with life, you might see manta rays, sea snakes, turtles, bull sharks, tiger sharks, billows of sea critters and wonderful coral reefs.

The Yongala sank from the shoreline of Queensland amid a typhoon in 1911, murdering 122 individuals, a racehorse called Moonshine and a red Lincolnshire bull. She acquired no broadcast security thus couldn't be cautioned of the elements forward. In 1981 the Yongala was presented with specialist security under the Historic Shipwrecks Work: divers aren't permitted in to the devastation area. The dispatch is 90 kilometres southeast of Townsville, 10 kilometres definately not Cape Bowling Green. 109 meters long, the bow centers north and the dispatch details to starboard.

Top Destinations for Wreck Diving

President Coolidge, Vanuatu

Originally an expansive, luxurious, liner, the President Coolidge converted into a troop bearer amid the battle. She sank in the wake of striking mines. The devastation area now lays on its area near 17 and 70 m, bow to stern. The President Coolidge is totally secured for legal reasons and both it and the encompassing seabed has been given a Sea Reserve. The wreck is gigantic and requires a few dives to do it justice.

Top Destinations for Wreck Diving

The Zenobia, Cyprus

This ferry was propelled in 1979 yet sank a couple of months following the fact on her behalf first opportunity. No lives were lost. She sits on her part, outside Lanarka harbor. The hop commences at 16 m with a most extreme profundity of 42 m. The dispatch was transporting more than 120 vehicles, which remain down there. Another comprehensive wreck, with a whole lot of sea life, asking for a few dives.

Top Destinations for Wreck Diving


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