Welcome to Mapur Islands! Smile and Wave :)

Get excited you underwater explorers, because this is the chance we have all been waiting for!

Beautiful Colors Underwater

That is a chance to explore dive sites that have rarely been seen, or have never been seen. Very soon, MV Nautica will start making trips to this adventurous location!

Underwater Sightings

When you have to be above the water, might as well spend your time in comfort, relaxing with great dive buddies aboard the 24 meter long MV Nautica. After a great buffet relax in your cozy cabin or lounge on the Sun Deck!

mv nautica
Sailing with MV Nautica

While underwater, spend it in the water of Mapur Islands, in Indonesia, as one of the first divers to see the many dive sites in their most pristine state! Whenever diving, always make sure to keep out of physical contact with all marine life, so that it is as natural when you leave as it was when you arrived!

Healthy corals in the area

16 kilometers east of Bintan Island, Mapur Island is famous for its dive sites, including Igara, or Turtle, wreck. Starting at 11 meters underwater, this wreck descends to an amazing 40 meter depth!! A great site for a deep wreck dive! Although current may be stong and visibility at 10 meters, soft coral and sponges have taken over the exposed wreck. Truly a place where one can witness nature overcoming man.

Whaleshark Sightings around Mapur island

Igara isn’t the only possible dive sight MV Nautica might visit. So be prepared to be stunned and amazed at the exploration and adventure that awaits you while you ride thru the water aboard the MV Nautica on your way to Mapur Islands, Indonesia!!

Hidden Giant Clam

The soft corals, sponges, and hydroids aren’t the only sites you are bound to see here. These aquatic plants support a vast array of marine life, including barracudas, turtles, and an assortment of sharks! This includes whale sharks, the sight that will ensure a story of a lifetime. Of course, you will probably see nudibranch everywhere so make sure to smile and wave to them!!

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– Written by Marcus Oliva.

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