Why Do You Dive?



Being that Human are on top of the food chain and the only beings that can make a difference in the world,

I urge you to read this and perhaps, just perhaps, even if I can only tickle the mind of 1 out of 100 people who read this then I know that at least even I can make a difference.

Almost all of us will know what I am going to say in the following but what boggles my mind is the number of people who knows but are apparently not doing anything about it.

“Humans are the wrong in the world that we need to correct.”


The reason why I am writing this post is because I want to ask you, what is your reason for diving?

I have heard answers like “Because we want to see the ocean and the reefs before they are gone instead of only seeing them through the internet.”

It is a common answer and it is such a sad reply to a question that could possibly have more than a million different answers to.

I knew that to most of us it’s just “because I like to dive” or “to try out something new”

Today I hope you can take a look at my answer for why I want to dive.

Read it with an open mind, with the dying earth in sight and what we could do more to save and preserve her beauty for the future generations to come.


Small changes like using less plastic –  don’t use straws, printing double sided pages, using less electricity. All the simple things that we can change in our daily lives can impact the world, even if it is just one person. You might think that what you don’t make an impact because you are just one person but think about it like this.. I drink about 2 cups of iced tea everyday. That’s 14 straws a week and 210 pieces of straws a month. If 2 person stopped using straws, that’s 420 pieces of plastic straws in a month.. Insane right?

Now, how do you make a bigger impact?

You know that dive trip you’ve been planning with your buddies? Let’s take a look at how much it cost, I’d estimate at least $500.

After a couple of beers and $500 later, when you are back at your desk in the office and looking back on your trip, what do you think of it?

Yeah, you had fun and took the perfect Instagram-worthy photos of your silhouette.

Yeah, perhaps you even saw some turtles or really cool fishes while diving.

But at the end of all that, did you do anything meaningful or something that might create change even if it is just a minuscule amount?

What if in the future if we spend $xxx to still go diving, still get to travel BUT we add in some sort of conservation work?

Like a reef clean up? Reef restoration dive trip, etc. Many diving locations also have reef restoration events that you just might not have noticed. Not only do you still get to dive, but you get to do a part in keeping the ocean YOU are diving in clean, healthy and happy so that more divers of our future can look at the beautiful reefs YOU helped restore


Let’s plant the seeds together today so that tomorrow, we can see a better Earth.

We have a clean up trip coming up in a few days, if you have the time, please do show your support to our Earth.

Most people learn more effectively if they experience something first hand. So I beseech you to come take a look at our oceans and do your part in saving it.

Let’s all do a part in restoring and keeping her healthy.


Date: 20 – 22 October 2017

Location: Tioman, Berjaya Resort

For more details, please head on >> here <<

If you cannot make it for this trip, do keep a look out for more clean up trips.
Even if you only do it once a year, it is still an effort put in instead of none at all.


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