Your First Scuba Gear: Dive Mask (Part 1)

Now that you’ve got your Open Water Certificate, the next step is what gear you should get. Or maybe you’re still sitting on the fence and deciding what you want to get first. With such a vast variety, how is one to decide? How are you even supposed to know what to buy?

Well my compressed-air-breathing buddies, this is my take on Your First Scuba Gear: Dive Mask, especially for you! 😀

Scuba diving can mean so many things for different people; to a marine biologist it may be for research, to a yogi maybe it’s a form of meditation (because humans can’t talk underwater right? lol) and for me, well it’s because I love everything about the ocean and the majestic beauty of the deep blue. One thing for sure is this — everyone wants to see, everyone wants to experience, everyone needs a mask.

Scubapro Solo Mask

A proper fitted mask is super important because it is a personal diving equipment that may fit on you and not necessarily on another individual. It is the only equipment that allows you to view the magical wonders underwater. Comfort and fit is therefore the most important consideration here. With proper care, a quality dive mask can last many years without you having to go through the hassle of trying that randomly rented mask without knowing if it’ll fit you at all. What’s the point of diving then? Of course, if you really want to know the proper way of how to purchase your own mask that fits you, stay tuned!! By the way, you can drop by Amazing Dive to try out their range of masks and ask for advice too! But do contact us @9677 3627 in advance, just to ensure we’re not out there diving (which we wish we could, every day).

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